6 Fabulous Cheap Eats under $10 in Atlanta


When it comes to college life, cheap eats are always essential. That doesn’t mean the food you eat has to be boring or the same old pizza from the local shop.

Atlanta is a food giant with numerous restaurants and a robust artistic food scene. Not everything is expensive either. Here are some recommendations to get you started.

1. Eats

600 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308 | 404-888-9149

Eats is an excellent choice for those who want good, home-cooked meals that are super affordable. You choose the items you want and pay for just that. For example, you can get ½ jerk chicken or ½ BBQ chicken for just over $5. Add to that sides like rice, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, or numerous others. Or, check out the full pasta dishes like lasagna or chicken alfredo. Don’t forget a brownie (homemade, of course) for just $1.75. Quite the authentic Atlanta restaurant, it is a must location for anyone that wants good food for less.

2. Hankook Taqueria

1341 Collier Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 | 404-352-8881

Hankook Taqueria is a Korean treasure in Atlanta. It is a versatile location. Choose from a bowl, taco, or burrito and fill it with what you love. That may include beef bulgogi, chicken, calamari, or shrimp. There’s also a spicy Korean BBQ sauce that makes any dish a bit more enjoyable. Many of the dishes here are $10 or you can add fries or other sides to it for a bit more. Everything is very affordable, though, and the ideal choice for those who want authentic Korean. The veggie YaChae is an excellent choice, too, for vegan lovers. For those who want something a bit more Americanized, choose the quesadilla or nachos.

3. Kwan’s Deli and Korean Kitchen

267 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 | 404-522-9796

Kwan’s Deli and Korean Kitchen is less of an authentic Korean-style restaurant. The foods are full of spice and fresh ingredients. The menu is affordable, too. The deli is going to offer some of the best prices, including tuna, chicken salad, or BLT. For cold days, check out a deli sandwich along with a soup – these are scratch-made soups that are hard to beat. You can get wings or chicken tenders for under $10 as well. Yet another option here that’s perfect for affordability is the pita wraps. The gyros are fantastic. The oriental chicken salad is also excellent here.

4. Victory Sandwich Bar

913 Bernina Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404-963-1742

A fun menu sure to please the average college student, Victory Sandwich Bar is the type of place to go to watch the game or just to eat like you are loving the game. The menu is really all about the sandwiches. The Little Havana is a flavorful option with smoked pork, ham, and fontina cheese. It’s just $5. Other sandwiches include the Better with pastrami beets, white kimchi, and spicy Thai mayo or the Tea Bird, a super spicy mixture of chicken, ghost pepper jack, and sweet tea mayo. This is also the place to go to get super affordable snacks and sides, and even a few good salads. Cheap eats are easy here with so many options.

5. The Foode Shoppe

123 Luckie St NW UNIT 108, Atlanta, GA 30303 | 404-600-8443

The Foode Shoppe is an excellent breakfast spot to start with. It has meals such as a southern ham omelet and a creole omelet that are under $10. Choose one of the super affordable sandwiches, too, such as the roast beef, roasted chicken salad, or the Cajun sausage. Another affordable and bigger meal option is the walk-and-eat bowls offered here. Several of them are a bit more than $10, with most under $15, but you’ll likely get enough for two meals. Choose from things like shrimp and grits, jambalaya, or pasta ya ya.

6. The Silver Skillet Restaurant

200 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318 | 404-874-1388

Yet another must is Silver Skillet Restaurant located in Atlanta. It’s a nice, diner-like atmosphere that’s close to home. The breakfast menu is decadent and offers a lot of versatility. There are lots of salads, skillets, and burgers for dinner and lunch here. Lemon icebox pie is the perfect ending to a meal here, too.

Cheap eats close to your home in Atlanta and near the university always makes things good. Check out any of these locations to find filling meals you’ll enjoy.