Introduction To Fraternity Life At Georgia State University

With fall semester classes now in full swing, many new and incoming students are getting into their routine on campus and looking for ways to get involved in campus life outside their classes.

Fraternities are new to many students and cause anxiety for those trying to find their way through college.

To help understand fraternities’ role in campus life at Georgia State University, here’s a rundown of some common questions we hear from GSU students.

Fraternities are a popular extracurricular organization, but not as popular as you think, given the university’s size.

This is for many reasons, including the number of commuter students who live at home and attend classes in Atlanta or work jobs outside of campus and therefore have less time to commit to extracurricular activities on campus.

Still, many students find benefits to joining a fraternity during their time at Georgia State and the connections they help foster on

What percent of Georgia State students participate in fraternities?

According to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, around 5% of GSU students are involved with a fraternity or sorority.

This is lower than you may expect from a large state school. Unlike students attending school in a small college town, GSU students attend college in a large, metropolitan city with many offerings outside the campus.

Fewer students engage with on-campus organizations than in similarly sized schools in smaller towns.

The 11 fraternities at Georgia State University have a long and rich history of serving the campus and the Atlanta community.

What are the benefits of being in a fraternity at Georgia State?

The benefits of being in a fraternity at Georgia State University are both social and academic.

Most students perceive fraternities as being entirely social organizations, and they very much are.

Many students find lifelong friends in their fraternity, and the organization provides a place of belonging amidst the larger campus community.

But Georgia State also markets the educational benefits of joining a fraternity. Since Greek organizations on campus have grade point average requirements, fraternity members tend to have higher GPAs than the campus average.

The increased involvement in campus life also leads to higher engagement and graduation rates than non-fraternity members.

How many fraternities are there at Georgia State University?

As of the Fall 2022 semester, there are 11 fraternities at Georgia State University.

There are fewer fraternities than sororities at GSU, with a total of 15 sororities, although student involvement in Greek life is about equal between fraternities and sororities.

The list of active chapters available for GSU students includes:

  1. Alpha Epsilon Pi
  2. Alpha Phi Alpha
  3. Alpha Tau Omega
  4. Delta Epsilon Psi
  5. Kappa Sigma
  6. Lambda Theta Phi
  7. Phi Beta Sigma
  8. Pi Delta Psi
  9. Pi Kappa Alpha
  10. Pi Kappa Phi
  11. Sigma Nu

Fraternities at GSU are governed by one of the four governing councils sponsored by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

The four governing bodies of Greek life at GSU are:

  1. Interfraternity Council
  2. Multicultural Greek Council
  3. National Pan-Hellenic Council
  4. Panhellenic Council

Of these councils, the Panhellenic Council is specific to sororities on campus and does not govern GSU fraternities.

When does fraternity rush begin at Georgia State University?

Unlike some colleges and universities, Georgia State University allows undergraduates of any year to join a fraternity.

Some schools prohibit first-year students from joining a Greek organization to focus on their studies during their transition to college.

Still, GSU highlights that members of Greek organizations have higher GPAs and the fraternities themselves have a grade point average requirement for joining.

Fraternity recruitment at GSU occurs at different times throughout the academic school year, depending on the governing council under which the individual fraternity is housed.

Notices for upcoming recruitment and membership intake sessions are usually announced a few weeks before the rush begins to allow students time to familiarize themselves with the different fraternity options available.

How much does it cost to join a fraternity at Georgia State University?

Fraternity members at Georgia State pay a few hundred dollars each semester in membership dues.

The GSU chapter may collect these dues but are often paid to the fraternity organization’s national headquarters.

The national chapter manages costs and payments for each university chapter, of which GSU is a part. Beyond membership dues, fraternity members can expect to pay out-of-pocket for their frat or council events throughout the year. Membership dues may cover some costs, but others require additional expenses for current members.

These costs do not include housing if a fraternity member at Georgia State opts to live in the on-campus Greek Townhouses managed by GSU University Housing.

The Mix is one of the most popular off-campus apartment communities at Georgia State University. With floor plans to fit various needs and budgets, it’s an excellent option for students who want to live in a fun environment.

Do fraternities have their own houses at Georgia State University?

No, fraternities at Georgia State University do not have their own houses.

This includes off-campus homes specifically designated for fraternity members.

Instead, GSU offers nine Greek Townhouses managed by the University Housing office and only available for sorority and fraternity members. Of the nine townhouses, five are reserved for sororities.x

These townhouses are limited and can only house a total of 139 Greek students. Hence, most fraternity members live together in other on-campus or off-campus apartments.

Other housing options at Georgia State University

The Mix is one of the most popular off-campus apartment communities at Georgia State University and offers a range of floor plan options for Greek and non-Greek students.

The Mix is just a few blocks from Georgia State University’s main campus in Atlanta and offers furnished one through four-bedroom housing options for students.

The Mix is a student-focused building with a resort-style pool and rooftop lounge. Contact the team today at (888) 458-5772 for information on availability, roommate matching, and current specials for Fall 2022 housing!