Top Georgia State University Majors & Degrees


A public university founded in 1913, Georgia State University is known for many things, including its four research schools and numerous majors.

 Annually, over 3,000 students graduate with bachelors or graduate degrees.

The College of Arts and Sciences is recognized as the Number 2 school in the country for its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge programs. For those considering this school, check out the top Georgia State University majors and what they have to offer.

Bachelor of Arts (or Science) in Psychology, College of Psychology

Georgia State University offers a BA or BS in Psychology, both of which are competitive programs providing exceptional, innovative paths to working in the field. This program teaches a range of topics, including diversity, psychology theory, environmental impact, and solving social and environmental problems in society.

Students often get a chance to work with community-based organizations as a component of their degree path. That gives them skills they can apply to jobs throughout the community. Many students will continue their education in a graduate program. Some also take the concentration in psychology as a concentration for pre-medicine. This diverse university offers a wide range of opportunities for students.

Bachelor of Arts in Finance, J. Mack Robinson College of Business

While many focus on the social programs at Georgia State, it also has a prominent business school in the J. Mack College of Business. One of the more sought-after programs here is the Bachelor of Arts in Finance, a 4-year degree program that prepares students to work in the financial markets.

One of the benefits of this program at Georgia State University is the access the school provides to state-of-the-art analytical financial tools designed to prepare them for real-world scenarios. The school also offers opportunities to gain practical knowledge and develop networks. Leadership programs are also available as a component of this degree, which helps students become business-focused professionals later.

Bachelor of Science in Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Georgia State University’s Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program is an excellent choice for those who want a strong foundation for their career. Students can stick with the general studies track. Or, they can choose one of several concentrations, including Ecology, Evolution, Organismal Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, or Pre-medical/Pre-health.

Undergraduate students can also participate in research programs in either Molecular Basis of Disease or The Brains and Behavior program. There are also seminars, symposia, and competitive fellowships available to many students.

Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing, J. Mack Robinson College of Business

While many bachelor’s options at Georgia State University are excellent, the school also offers several graduate programs recognized for their diversity and innovation. That includes the Ph.D. in Marketing program available through the business college. This program provides access to research-active faculty with a long history of success in the field.

The school offers the Marketing RoundTable and Sales Executive RoundTable to help local leaders explore the latest in the field. More so, students can tailor their graduate degree to fit their needs with ample ability to study what interests them in research programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication, College of Arts & Sciences

Georgia State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications allows students to choose between three concentrations: Multimedia Reporting, Public Relations, Media & Society. Each one introduces undergraduate students to the industry and the latest methods of communication.

Students also get practical skills by working through the Georgia State University TV and Georgia Public Broadcasting networks. There is also a strong focus on digital communications and journalism to take the program into the modern era.

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