Navigating GSU Housing: A Detailed Guide to Dorms and Housing in 2023/2024

In 2023, Georgia State University boasts a vibrant community of over 43,807 students, and the fall semester witnessed the university welcoming its largest-ever first-year class with an impressive enrollment of new students at the Atlanta GSU campus.

In 2024, navigating the challenges of urban college life in downtown Atlanta is a unique aspect for students who wish to stay near their classes and the various amenities offered by GSU. Given the premium cost of living in a densely populated metropolitan area like Atlanta, finding suitable housing can be a complex task for incoming Georgia State University students. To assist in exploring the array of on-campus and off-campus housing options, along with their respective advantages, here is a detailed guide on GSU dormitories and housing choices for the forthcoming 2024 academic year.

GSU Dorm Locations

Georgia State University operates six different residence halls for students opting to live on-campus during their time at GSU. Half of the residence halls are reserved for incoming first-year undergraduate students to help acclimate to life in college. The remaining options are for upperclassmen and those affiliated with a fraternity or sorority organization. 

  • Housing for first-year GSU students:
  • Housing for sophomore, junior, and senior GSU students:
  • Housing for sophomore, junior, and seniors students affiliated with Greek organizations at Georgia State University:

Students who choose on-campus housing can also apply to join a living-learning community (LLCs) that pairs students with similar interests and hobbies to live together in the same apartment or residence hall. This is a popular option for students to build new friendships at Georgia State University. GSU also offers gender-inclusive housing for students to live in a multi-bedroom unit together regardless of sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

GSU On-Campus Dorm Costs

Costs for on-campus housing at Georgia State University vary depending on the room type and residence hall. Rooms can vary from a single, private 1 bedroom/1 bath unit up to a 4 bedroom unit with a shared bath. Some residence halls have shared bedroom options as well, which come at a lower cost but offer less privacy. Housing rates also include all utilities, including internet service, and furniture in the unit. The contract rates for on-campus housing are listed by the semester, but Georgia State University students have to sign for the entire academic year and cannot opt for on-campus housing for a single semester.

Piedmont Central. On-campus rooms can vary from a single, private 1 bedroom/1 bath unit up to a 4 bedroom unit with a shared bath. Some residence halls have shared bedroom options as well, which come at a lower cost but offer less privacy.

The total cost  for the Fall 2023–Spring 2024 semesters are:

  • Patton Hall: $9,890–$12,546
  • Piedmont Central: $10,482–$12,992
  • Piedmont North: $8,708–$12,992
  • University Commons: $10,338–$12,256
  • University Lofts: $6,880–$13,490
  • Greek Townhouses: $7,158–$8,386

In addition to housing costs, most students living on-campus opt into the residence hall meal plan. For the 2023-2024 school year, meal plans cost an additional $2,061 per semester. GSU students who opt to live in the Patton, Piedmont Central, and Piedmont North residence halls are automatically enrolled in a 7-day meal plan and do not need to register for a meal plan. Students who choose to live in University Commons, Lofts, or the Greek Townhouses have the option to sign up for a meal plan but it is not required.

Benefits of Living On-Campus at GSU

Living on-campus is a great option for first-year students looking to acclimate themselves to college life. Georgia State University encourages all students to consider on-campus housing to further the college experience through the friendships made and additional educational, cultural, and recreational programs offered in the residence halls and through the living-learning communities. On-campus housing is also a benefit to students who are concerned about the cost of college, as on-campus housing rates and the meal plans they offer are traditionally less expensive than renting an off-campus apartment. 

On-campus housing is limited, and therefore not all students who want to live in a Georgia State University residence hall can do so. On-campus housing for the Spring 2022 semester sold out and a waitlist was formed for spots that did become available. In order to secure on-campus housing, GSU students must apply online through the housing website. Applications are first-come, first-serve, and determine room selection times.

Can GSU Students Live Off-Campus?

Yes, Georgia State University allows students to live off-campus, as there is no on-campus housing requirement, even for first-year students. On-campus housing is strongly encouraged for first-year students, but spaces are limited. Patton Hall can only accommodate 325 students, while Piedmont Central and Piedmont North can house 2,240 between them, but that is still not enough housing for the average incoming GSU freshman class. As a result, some Georgia State University students opt to live off-campus or at home and commute to class. 

GSU allows students to live off-campus, including first-year students.

Benefits of Living Off-Campus at GSU

Students who opt to live off-campus have a greater selection of housing to choose among, including both purpose-built student housing and traditional apartment complexes. Purpose-built student housing communities offer individual lease agreements that align with the academic calendar, usually running mid-August through the end of July. An individual lease agreement means students are only responsible for their own rent – not the rent for any roommates they may have. Individual lease agreements almost always require a guarantor – usually a parent or guardian – who is providing some financial guarantee that the rent will be paid since most students do not have the credit or income to qualify on their own. 

The Mix is a student housing highrise located near Georgia State University that offers fully-furnished one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments.

Traditional apartment complexes offer a joint-and-several lease agreement, where all roommates are on the same lease and are therefore jointly responsible for the monthly rent. These complexes are usually at a slightly lower cost than student housing, but students are financially liable for their roommates’ rent payments and the lease terms do not always align with the university school schedule. 

Off-Campus Housing at The Mix

The Mix is a student housing highrise located near Georgia State University that offers fully-furnished one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments. The Mix is a fully amenitized building and offers GSU students their own resort-style pool, 24-hour fitness center, study rooms, a recording studio, a rooftop lounge, and more. 

For information on availability, roommate matching, and current specials for Spring 2024 housing, contact the team at The Mix today at (470) 947-7894!