GSU Part-Time Jobs for Students


With the high costs associated with attending college, many students need to earn money to get through school.

Aside from being thrifty by spending less, students can also get a part-time job on or off campus to offset their living and educational expenses.

Managing your finances effectively can be overwhelming when the cost of textbooks, commuting, and housing exceeds your cost of living. Students’ part-time jobs are a great way to build your resume and improve your work skills.

Due to the financial struggles college students face, Georgia State University recognizes the need for part-time jobs to help them make money to fund their college expenses. So, whether you are looking for the best college to join or are a current student, GSU offers a variety of positions you can choose from.

Georgia State University Student Jobs

In addition to the high costs of tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other school supplies, many students must also find a part-time job to make ends meet. To help students meet their expenses, Georgia State University pays students to work for them.

university student back to school

The Georgia State University jobs program helps students offset the high cost of college while developing valuable skills.

GSU on-campus and off-campus jobs provide students with hands-on career experience and an invaluable opportunity to gain valuable skills necessary for the real-world workforce. These jobs can range from working in the library or dining hall to being a research assistant or teaching assistant. Below are some of the available GSU student jobs in which you can earn money.

  • Accounting assistants
  • Student assistantship
  • Building managers
  • Information center assistants
  • Office assistants
  • Technology assistant
  • Information center assistant
  • Fitness instructor
  • Lifeguard
  • Library assistants

GSU jobs are designed to help students offset the high cost of college while gaining skills and sharpening their competency and knowledge. The student jobs listed above are only some of Georgia State University’s many offers. The work-study program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Signal – The Independent Student Newspaper of GSU Classifieds

To help out as many students as possible, GSU regularly recruits additional student workers for on-campus and off-campus jobs. To apply, students must meet the eligibility requirements and submit an online application with a resume and cover letter.

You can sign-up or sign in to Handshake to check the available positions and more information about them. It’s free and easy to use if you are already a GSU student, alumni, or graduate. The following are part-time jobs at GSU that are currently available to students.

  • Cinefest attendants
  • Event assistant
  • Outdoor event assistant
  • Event operations technician

The Signal, GSU’s student-run newspaper, also lists open part-time jobs and internships on their Classifieds page. The listings range from student jobs and internships to GSU community notices. You can apply for these jobs by visiting The Signal website and following the instructions.

You can purchase a copy of The Signal at newsstands across the campus or online through the official website. Before applying for any undergraduate students’ jobs, ensure you fulfill all the requirements and commit to the specified hours. Also, apply early before the deadline to increase your odds of securing a position.

Part-Time Remote Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty to the workforce sector that saw a significant shift in how people work. Large crowd gatherings were banned, a series of lockdowns imposed, social distancing, and eventually, the closure of public institutions.

Shot of a young woman wearing headphones while using a laptop at home

Remote working experienced a 159% growth since the outbreak of Covid-19.

With this came a shift in how people worked – offices were closed, and many workers were forced to return home and work from their location. Due to the stringent measures imposed by the government to curb the spread of the virus, many businesses and companies shifted their operations online to offer the work from home model.

Remote working experienced a 159% growth since the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, more remote work jobs became available, and it became common for even on-campus jobs to allow students the freedom and flexibility of working from home.

Large job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed and freelancer job sites like started offering more remote jobs. Some of the part-time remote jobs you can look into include:

  • Transcribing
  • Surveys
  • Copywriting
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • Front-end developer
  • Research assistant
  • Online tutor
  • Social media assistant

With the remote work model, GSU students can access and work on a myriad of part-time jobs from anywhere and at any time. This gives students the flexibility to work around their school schedule and even take on multiple GSU jobs to earn more money.


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